What is an EVENT?

An event is anything hosted by the club outside of the weekly meetings. Examples: Involvapalooza, Care Week, and the Clubs Showcase. socials, dances, performances, service, etc.


For each of these events a Pre-Event Planning Form needs to be filled out and turned in electronically at least  2 weeks in advance . The form can be accessed on the clubs website.

Pre-Event Planning Form


To charge entrance fees or tickets to an event, the WSC Info desk can handle all transactions. They are open M-F till 10PM. 

Contact the clubs accountant to set up an account with the info desk. 

Guest Services or a trusted Club officer/Advisor can also accept ticket sales at the door. A Cashbox must be reserved at least 1 week in advance  from Guest Services.


For large events, the Clubs office may be able to give you financial support. The amount of those funds will depend on the event. You are only qualified for event assistance if you have already utilized our Merit Money program. To learn more about this program, see the Fundraising tab.

To receive event assistance, fill-out the Event Assistance request form and turn it in 2 weeks in advance of event. Then contact the Club Events ED at

In order to receive Event Assistance, you must have a Pre-Event Planning form already completed and approved. 

Event Assistance Form