To use your club's funds, you must fill out an Expense Request Form found in the Clubs office. This form must be completed and turned in at least   48 hours  in advance of when you need to make the purchase.

A separate ERF needs to be filled out for each store/vendor/purchase


After 48 hours come to the Clubs office to the accounting cubicle to check out a card. You will receive the card in exchange for your BYU student ID card. 

COUGAR CASH CARD: used for all on-campus purchases (catering, food-to-go, Bookstore, Cougar Creations, etc.)

PURCHASING CARD: used for all off-campus purchases

After making your purchase, return the card with an  itemized  receipt within 48 hours. 


For any contracted work, visit the club accountant to make sure the proper paperwork is completed. This must be completed at least  2 weeks  in advance of event. Failure to comply with this policy may result in contractor not being paid or their pay coming out of your own pocket.


To earn funds, a club can charge a membership fee which can be payed at the WSC Info desk or online. There is a maximum of $30 per semester/registration.

This can also be set up for ticket sales, t-shirts/memorabilia, supplies fees etc. To set up a Club dues account, visit the clubs accountant.