To earn club money outside of membership dues, there are  3 options:

-Merit Money

-Alumni Association Volunteer Hours

-Event Assistance


In order to promote club participation on campus, there are 6 activities you can participate in worth a certain allotment of money per semester. You can receive up to $150/per semester or $300/year through a combination of any of the following activities:

    -Involvapalooza- $25

    -Clubs Night-$25

    -Care Week-$25

    -WSC Booths-$25

    -UCC Meetings-$50

    -Homecoming Parade-$50 (FALL)

    -Clubs Showcase-$50 (WINTER)

At the beginning of each year fill out a form outlining your Merit Money plan so we can get you the necessary information to complete the activities.

Merit Money Form


The Alumni Assoication hosts several events where they need help staffing. These events include Parents Week, the Homecoming Parade, and other activities. For every member of your club that volunteers, your club will receive $10/hour. 


For large events or especially large purchases, the Clubs office may be able to give you financial support. The amount of those funds will depend on the event/purchase.  You are only qualified for event assistance if you have already utilized our Merit Money program.  To learn more about this program, see the Fundraising tab.

To receive event assistance, fill-out the Event Assistance request form and turn it in 2 weeks in advance of event. Then contact the Club Events ED at

In order to receive Event Assistance, you must have a Pre-Event Planning form already completed and approved. 

Event Assistance Form